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To clean our sea and our lagoon is a civic duty and a sign of gratitude: the lagoon gifts us with wonderful views, entertainment and tasteful fish; in return, we collect the abandoned plastic that spoils the landscape and causes huge damages to the environment”.

Nino Gobbetti
ASD Pesca Sportiva in Mare
I am a fireman, born in 1969, with a great passion for sea and fishing. I established the ASD Pesca Sportiva in Mare with the aim of using my boat to accompany members, fishermen and supporters to fish in the lagoon.  
During the fishing sessions I could not avoid noticing the pollution caused by the litter floating in the water and accumulating in the lagoon islands. There is any kind of waste, but most of it is plastic, a true environmental threat causing enormous damages both to the environment and to tourism and fishing. This is a danger for the sea and for human health.
The situation has induced me to launch the “Clean Lagoon Project”: during the fishing sessions, we collect the abandoned plastic, which is then deposited in a collecting area identified with the local agency in charge of waste disposal.
95% of marine litter is made of plastic material polluting the coast, the surface and the sea beds. 8 m. tons of waste are estimated to reach the sea every year. Plastic archipelagos float on the sea and in the lagoons. Mountains of any kind of waste are deposited on the islands. The consequences for the sea environment are devastating. Furthermore, micro plastics enter in the food chain of fish and reach our tables. Equally important, in order to fight plastic in the sea, is to prevent littering and, before that, the generation of waste. A radical change in the individual consumer habits is needed, choosing more long-lasting, repairable, re-usable and recyclable products. It is necessary to learn how to correctly differentiate and deliver waste. These initiatives are enrooted in the environmental awareness of everybody; a change that has to be enhanced and promoted by institutions, schools and private citizens.
Similar initiatives have been established both in Italy and abroad. The “Clean Lagoon Project”, so far, is the first and unique experience in Veneto region, but it is evidently replicable in every natural environment characterised by the presence of humans.
By means of the A.S Dilettantistica Pesca Sportiva in Mare I gather fishermen, members and supporters who, with their own boats, collect the plastic floating in the lagoon. These are ecological days during which, while fishing, we help the environment.  Costs are borne by each fisherman, who acts as volunteer.
During the Chioggia Boat Show, organised by the ASD Pesca Sportiva in Mare on 6th and 7th October 2018, in the Marina di Brondolo and Marina del Sole in Chioggia (VE), which in the 2017 edition has seen  the participation of 13,000 people, a session of collection and cleaning of the lagoon is foreseen.
To support the “Clean Lagoon Project” means to show our love for the environment and for the sea. It means to demonstrate our own environmental awareness and attention for the human health.
The brand of supporting institutions and sponsor firms will appear on boats, advertising material and all the merchandising specifically designed to promote the project and the related events.
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